Having arrived in India 5 weeks ago it’s been an interesting journey. The Hinterland Village Yoga retreat in Kochi prepared me mentally, emotionally, physically and I have to say spiritually for the journey to come.

Flying to Kolkata to stay with friends for a week was both amazing and shocking. I have never seen such poverty and pollution yet beneath it all was a beautiful city with wonderful vibrant people.

From an artists point of view it was so visually exciting….I wanted to capture the layers and layers of 100’s of years of history and how this once majestic city was now weighed down and crumbling, struggling to stay afloat in the new sea of technology, Coupled with the many religions and temples it was hard to know where to start.

I began with capturing as much as possible with photography and then to sketch. I am an artist who works with colour it would be to easy to look at the bleak side and make something grungy but someone I recently met said of India “the scent of roses (incense) is always there with the stench of sewage, you have a choice of which One you smell” personally I choose to smell the roses and see the colour and life. That is what I hope to capture in my sketches.