Photograph courtesy of Instant Tour guides ( Daisy and Mia ) Hong Kong

These really are journeys within journeys. Every country I go to creates a new journey, a new adventure, a new language, food, culture, people. and of course landscape. A new connection with a new part of the earth. Walking on new land and creating new memories. Whether I am making art or simply being a tourist. It is a mind blowing visual art fest for the eyes and my creativity. Taking part in an Instant Tour with my new mini Instax was enlightening and the tour guides were really good fun. They provide you with a vintage polaroid camera and film and take you around Hong Kong centre to take your own snaps. I believe these tours are also in other cities around the world.

Moving on to Hong Kong is a completely new experience from being in India. Going from lush green vegetation and the chaos of India to the grey concrete, organised jungle of Hong Kong but I like it. Its so different, refreshing in a way. I am only here for four days meeting with friend and fellow artists Yasmin Fong and Karlie Wu. Both are British born Chinese back living and working in HK. Its wonderful to see the city through their eyes and be taken to the fishing village Yasmin’s grandparents came from before moving to UK. Finding authentic soil to make soil paintings was a little tricky but we managed after a long walk up a hill or two. I will be exhibiting alongside Karlie Wu in the coming weeks in Singapore more on that later. Time to move on…Vietnam next!

looking down from the 25th Floor apartment, Hong Kong